Why can I never remember the meaning of these?!


Maybe you’re new to Data Science or maybe, like me, you’ve got some Data Science experience and a terrible memory. Picture this… You’re training models, running experiments and getting ready to make a deployment. You’ve got a product team around you who have built…

Start by making your code reusable, then look at tooling


MLOps is one if the most popular buzzwords in Machine Learning and Data Science at the moment, but one of the areas least covered by online courses, YouTube videos and bootcamps.

You can read up on how I define MLOps at home here:


TabNet balances explainability and model performance on tabular data, but can it dethrone boosted tree models?

TabNet model architecture. How does TabNet work?


Gradient Boosting models such as XGBoost, LightGBM and Catboost have long been considered best in class for tabular data. Even with rapid progress in NLP and Computer Vision, Neural Networks are still routinely surpassed by tree-based models on tabular data.

Enter Google’s TabNet in 2019. According to the paper, this…

And why you need to know about it…

Linear Model vs Generalised Additive Model


Linear Models are considered the Swiss Army Knife of models. There are many adaptations we can make to adapt the model to perform well on a variety of conditions and data types.

Generalised Additive Models (GAMs) are an adaptation that allows us to model non-linear data while maintaining explainability.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Developing a Framework


Over the past few years, many organisations have found that although they train great models, they don’t always gain long-term value from them. The reason for this is deployment and monitoring.

Deploying a model isn’t always that easy. Sometimes they are large. How long does inference take? You might need…

A framework for project success


Data Science is still a roaring field with demand continuing to outstrip supply and many business expecting to increase their IT spend drastically over the next few years.

Although there has been a sharp rise in online courses, bootcamps and degrees and with them, an increase in junior talent, it…

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