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  • Thomas French

    Thomas French

    CTO of Sandtable.

  • Madison Hunter

    Madison Hunter

    CAN | Geoscience BSc undergrad student | Software Dev graduate | Words in The Startup, Towards Data Science, Better Programming, and Climate Conscious

  • Idil Ismiguzel

    Idil Ismiguzel

    Data Scientist | writing on Data Science & Machine Learning

  • Dr. Robert Kübler

    Dr. Robert Kübler

    Studied Mathematics, graduated in Cryptanalysis, working as a Data Scientist. Interested in algorithms, probability theory, and machine learning. Python user.

  • Haaya Naushan

    Haaya Naushan

    Research Consultant and Data Scientist. Enthusiastic about machine learning, social justice, video games and philosophy.

  • Pierre-Louis Bescond

    Pierre-Louis Bescond

    Head of Data Science @ Roquette | Industry 4.0, Data Science & Machine Learning Passionate!

  • Alvin T. Tan, Ph.D.

    Alvin T. Tan, Ph.D.

    Financier by profession. Economist by training. Data scientist & essayist by inclination.

  • Daniel Foley

    Daniel Foley

    Data Scientist: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-foley-1ab904a2/ Feel free to visit my Personal Website: https://www.datascientistguide.com/

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